Come and join ‘Team TLC’ and help to raise funds for The Laura Centre in your area. The Laura Centre relies on its supporters for fundraising, but we also want you all to come along and join in the fun so fundraising is optional.
There is no minimum fundraising pledge, we’d love for you to try and raise as much as you can to keep The Laura Centre supporting families.Why not join with friends, family or colleagues to fundraise wearing outrageous rainbow coloured fancy dress?

Click here to see what your fundraising could achieve

A good way to raise money for charity is by using a good old fashioned sponsorship form

Here are some helpful tips to get the ideas rolling.

Fundraising Tips

  • Start your fundraising early...the more time, the more funds
  • Raise and collect your donations through on-line and e-services. Set your page up explaining your motivation and target, and off you go. They collect your money, apply the Gift Aid (T & C's apply) with no additional collection hassle for you
  • Shout about your event through Facebook and Twitter linking your on-line collection service. Remember that people are more generous following a payday so time your requests well.
  • Put some perspective on your request e.g. A £10 pledge means missing a takeaway meal.
  • Don't forget to ask for Gift Aid*. The government allows charities to claim back tax on donations. This tax relief is called Gift Aid and it is great because it means charities get extra money added to donations, at no extra cost to the donor. For every £1 donated the charity currently receives £1.25 when Gift Aid is added.
  • Join a GPS running system for your phone so, during your colour crazy run, your friends can see where you are via Facebook, cheering and donating as you go.
    *Gift Aid can only be claimed against donations made by UK tax payers

Fundraising Online

The easiest way to start your fundraising journey is to set up a page using our fundraising partners. This makes all donations quick and easy, there is no need to collect money afterwards, and it allows us to actively collect the Gift Aid amounts as your fundraising amounts arrive. Don’t forget to shout about your journey on-line within social media or to send a personal e-mail to your family, friends and colleagues. Using one of the links below you can either make a donation or start a fudnraising page. Just click the link and follow the on-screen prompts.
Please Note - If your donation or fundraising page is for Coventry please make reference to this on the donation or fundraising page.

Good Luck - Start Today!

Visit our event page on BT MyDonate  Visit our event page on BT MyDonate  Visit our event page on BT MyDonate

Come and Join Us

Tell your family, friends and colleagues about this amazing event and encourage them to join the fun too. The more runners, the more families we can help.

Every penny collected will go directly to The Laura Centre

What difference will the money I raise make?
Be a part of something special
What difference does your donations make?

 To fund a highly professional TLC counsellor for a year
A year’s rent of a very special place - that is The Laura Centre
To provide 200 counselling sessions a year for parents and siblings experiencing sudden, complex, traumatic and untimely death of a child
100 counselling sessions a year for when a child is bereaved
To provide 5 months one to one counselling for a young person whose dad has committed suicide
Funding for a TLC therapeutic relaxation and mindfulness group for bereaved parents (CD included)
Will help TLC to provide a TLC teddy bear for every bereaved child in our children’s group
Children grieve too-arts and craft materials for a TLC Children’s Group
Therapeutic storybooks for bereaved children
Pays for a counselling session