About The Laura Centre & Colour Blast Dash

As economic times get tougher and more challenging financially, it's time to spread a little joy in return for your donations. The Laura Centre launched its flagship 'Colour Blast Dash'  (formally known as Run The Rainbow) 5K & 2.5k runs in Leicester.  The event was amazingly received and created a fun, safe and active event with amazing support in fundraising. As a smaller charity within the area, this annual community event ensures The Laura Centre's invaluable work doesn't falter.


None of this could happen without the amazing support of YOU!

When the time has come and the worst thing happens and family is left bereaved, what happens next? How do you learn to cope? COPE - The Laura Centre is here to offer support to families and help them through this difficult time. It's work has spanned 25 years of tireless commitment within the Leicestershire area supporting over 400 families a year.
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Here's how The Laura Centre Helps - Laura's Story

In 2008, Laura Spellman’s granddaughter was tragically killed in America.

Laura’s beautiful baby granddaughter aged just 4 months, was killed by the family’s American pit bull. Laura had taken the trip to America to care for her granddaughter, which ended in unimaginable horror. Here she tells how The Laura Centre has helped her find peace and come to terms with the terrible death of her granddaughter Cenedi Kia

“I could see the pit bulls jaws round my baby granddaughters head…I knew she was dead…

“When I returned to my home in Leicester I was still wading through a fog of depression and guilt. My doctor put me on anti-depressants. They didn’t work. I didn’t know what to do. I would sit at home, on the computer, reading about dog attacks and googling death of a child.

“One night, by chance, I found the Laura Centre. It seemed like fate…a centre with my name, and based in Leicester.

“I rang the centre the next morning and made an appointment. I saw a counselor there for over 5 months. She listened to me. She saved me really. She didn’t judge me or advise me. She taught me how to be at peace. I didn’t think I would ever find peace again.

“I can speak about Cenedi now. I can even talk about what happened without breaking down. I want to talk about this to celebrate the life of Cenedi and I want to thank The Laura Centre for being there for me”

The Laura Centre…A place of hope on a long and difficult journey

COPE-The Laura Centre is a well-established local charity recognised nationally for its cutting edge approach and clinical excellence in the field of family bereavement. TLC embraces the vision that all bereaved families should be able to access high quality, open ended, bereavement counselling and support to enable them to manage the impact of death on their lives. The charity deals with anticipatory grief, end of life care and a whole spectrum of cause of death; 75% of the people referred will have experienced death of a sudden, traumatic and unexpected nature including tragic accidents, suicide and murder.

With grateful thanks to Laura for sharing this with us.
Pictures reprinted with the permission of The Leicester Mercury