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The Colour Blast Dash, another hit for 2015! You started in white and you finished like a rainbow! Now we are getting ready for 2016!

What a blast Colour Blast Dash was. This happy, healthy and ridiculously fun 5k & 2.5k colour races, had plenty of surprises! The runners wore white and were ‘blasted’ with coloured powder, paint and foam on this fun sensory run for all abilities. Keep visiting for news about 2016

Join us in 2016 in Leicester, Derby and Coventry for our

  • 5k Colour Blasters (open to anyone aged 10 years*)
  • or our 2.5k Rainbow Rascal (open to anyone aged 3 and above*)

And help Midlands-based charity COPE The Laura Centre to support people through the loss of a parent or child.

*Anyone aged under 16 must run with  an adult (aged over 18) who will also need a ticket to take part. One adult can  run with up to 5 children.